EXPANSION VLG is a development association whose objective is peace in the world by combining humanitarianism, science, economy of means, urban planning and the business world with NGOs, entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists on the themes of innovation and resilience.

It is a matrix that recreates the whole of a viable ecosystem, with projects, training courses for organizations, associations, NGOs, partners, communities and members or beneficiaries.

Our field of action is the world with a preponderance for Africa and the West. Our beneficiaries are people who want to move foward although they are traumatized by wars, famine, climatic disasters, extreme poverty, the corona virus with innovators, families, homeless… according to the Sustainable Development Goals (UN CF).


Associative organization registered with the swiss statistical office


Swiss IDE: CHE-144.102.089

Website: Ecosystem to create best future for children (regenerationmatrix.group)